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11th Workshop on Combined Analysis
Caen 2021-07-12

sCaen3D: the IUT 3D platform !
Phenix 82 Dec. 2017, p19

The original submission !

Combined Analysis Workshop Series in Phenix, UCN
Phenix 81 Oct. 2017, p20

Combined Analysis Workshop Series in Phenix, UCN
Phenix 76 July 2016, p16

Deyrolles, croisée des savoirs
Le Petit Corse, March 2016

New Li-based batteries ?
January 2016

Institut de Chimie, CNRS

Les Planches Deyrolles commentees
October 2015

Louis Albert de Broglie, Sylvie Albou-Tabart (Ed.)
Editions La Martiniere
France Culture 21st Jan. 2016
Audio (mp3 8.4 Mb)

EcoCorail in the TV News France 3 Normandie
11th October 2014, 19:00

Video (mp4 40 Mb)

CRISMAT Crystallography Team in Connexions Normandie
n57 July 2014, p12

EcoCorail in Connexions Normandie
n57 July 2014, p5

EcoCorail in Phenix, UCBN
Phenix 65 February 2014, p17

COD seen by Nature for IYCr2014 !
Nature 550, 2014, 602

Conseil Regional sees nanodeformed superconductors
Connexions 49, 2012, p5

Conseil General announces Zeolites top 10
Sillages n35, June 2012, p10

Conseil Regional announces Zeolites top 10
Connexions 48, March 2012, p5

Connexions Basse-Normandie

Connexions Basse-Normandie

Societe Francaise de Chimie sees EMT zeolites
SFC Info n1, 2012, p6

Science Breakthrought top 10
Science Mag 27/12/2011

Connexions Basse-Normandie

Institut Chimie CNRS
Paris 20/12/2011

EMT zeolite in Atomium Culture
Strasbourg 13/12/2011

Clean Zeolites in Chemical & Engineering News

PhysOrg news

Nano news 12/12/2011

Plenary lecture on nacre
AXAA eNewsletters
March, 2011, p1

CIF definitions for XRR
IUCr Newsletters
14, 2006, p7

COD announced in Science !
Science 310 28/10/2005

Bar des Sciences
Caen 27/9/2005

Texture of rocks at D1B-ILL
Michele and Daniel,
Grenoble 2003

FILMS exhibition
Allones 21/2/2001

FILMS exhibition
Allones 21/2/2001

Heavy metals uptake spotted in
CNRS Info 383, 2000, 21

Gianfranco et le goniomètre
Ouest-France 17/6/1999

Vers des prothèses en nacre ?

Ouest-France 10/6/1999

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