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sCaen3D: a 3D Platform from conception, reproduction to 3D prints

Jean-Christophe Baloche, Daniel Chateigner
emails: firstname.surname at unicaen dot fr

Need a 3D print ?! From Computer Assisted Conception, or reproduction of existing parts by 3D scanning, to real 3D polymer prints, just ask !

Formations Blender Our CAD room Our computers room
Our Equipments
Ultimaker 2 3D printer Raise3D N2 Dual Plus Printer ARTEC Spider 3D scanner ?? 3D scanner
Our Softs
?? 3D Reconstruction CAD soft . .
Plastic Wires . . .
. . . .
Pedagogy models
Property Tensors Crystal Structures Single Crystals .
Isotopes Map
J. Gibelin

4-circles XRD diffractometer
SOLSA EU Project
Reduced Nuclear Plant
J. Gibelin

Mobile support

Support with mobile

MP, IUT logo

Sculpted dodo
stl file
Small pieces
Volumetric flask Cap
Solar clock SEM gearing
Student Training-Projects
Léopold Swertvaegher (2017)
NAE drone project
Training period
Maxime Troubat (2017)
CRISMAT, SEM project
. .
sCaen3D officially born !
Phenix 82 Dec. 2017, p19

The original submission !
Moeck et al. (2016)
Symmetry: Culture and Science 27, 319-330
3D prints of Materials tensor

Prints from MPOD
Fuentes-Cobas et al. (2017)
Advances in Applied Ceramics 116, (428-433)

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